Elephant Consciousness

Elephant, beautifully majestic and silently powerful. My favorite animal.

Consciousness, several definitions based on the concept of awareness. Awareness of oneself, external objects or facts, and concern for some social or political cause. For this post we will focus on self awareness.

So then, what do the two have to do with each other? What is elephant consciousness? Elephant consciousness is acknowledging your personal power and expanding it until the world around you can't help but take notice. It is finding yourself and not diminishing who you are to make others feel comfortable. It is allowing your greatness to shine, despite your past trials.

Have you ever seen an elephant shrink itself and try to hide? An elephant holds her head high as she goes through life. Though she is the largest land animal today, she is not a bully nor is she aggressive. An elephant simply is. She allows her presence to speak for itself.

As you walk through life you will encounter difficult times and people. During those times think of the elephant walking through the bush with her head held high. Taking up the space she was intended to, not shrinking and hiding. Picture yourself as that proud elephant, ready to continue on your journey because the problem is smaller than you. As the elephant you are able to step through it all. You have a high level view and can now see what is relevant to your success, and what is merely a distraction.

Be the elephant, own your awareness. 

Maintain your elephant consciousness.

That is your power.


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