Gifts for Her: Self-Care Gifts for the Superwoman in your Life

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Gifts for the Superwomen in your Life

Everyone of us has at least one woman in our lives who has massive goals that she is working on while also being the one who is always there to take care of everyone around them. These women make it their responsibility to ensure everyone is clothed, fed, clean, and has everything they need for whatever situation may arise. She has BIG dreams that she refuses to give up on and she works non-stop to ensure that everything is running smooth. These women are the backbones of families and businesses everywhere. These women are Superwomen. They are wives, moms, virtual assistants, executive assistants, sisters, aunts, entrepreneurs, CEOs, etc. Whatever their title, their role is of the utmost importance. 

And if you are shaking your head and thinking “I don’t know any women like that” then chances are you are that woman. 

These women give of themselves with no thought to putting their needs before anyone else’s needs. While that is admirable from the outside, she deserves to be taken care of just as much as, if not more than, those she cares for. But what can you do for the woman who is capable of doing everything? 

You give her the time, space, and tools to make herself a priority. 

Since we know she won’t do that on her own, I’ve put together a list of special items that you can give her to make her feel loved, appreciated, and supported. And if you are that woman in your life, then keep scrolling for ideas to treat yourself because you deserve it and you are also a priority!


A journal is the perfect gift for women who want a place to capture their thoughts and dreams. A place to write all her private thoughts, to get everything out of her head and her heart. Journaling is known to help ease stress and anxiety. It is also a wonderful part of a mindfulness and self-care routine.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are staples of any mindfulness routine, though both are also essential parts of a self-care routine. When you give the gift of yoga or meditation classes, you are giving the gift of a woman making herself a priority. These also make excellent last-minute gifts.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes make such a wonderful gift. Who doesn't love receiving something fun in the mail? Give her the gift of something to look forward to every month that is also a reminder that she is loved, honored, and appreciated.

  • Passion and Growth A monthly delivery of positivity, inspiration, and self love directly to your door. What more could you ask for?
  • Yogi Surprise Custom asanas, yoga equipment, meditation guides, skincare, jewelry, health and wellness essentials, aromatherapy, and more 
  • Book of the Month Club Need I say more? This will instantly put any reader in her happy place
  • Globe In Full-Size Handmade Artisan products delivered to your door every month
  • Bouqs Sustainable Farm-Fresh Beautiful flowers delivered to you every month
  • Emma & Chloe A monthly delivery of stunningly beautiful handmade jewelry
  • My Reward Box A monthly box with goodies to treat yourself because you deserve it
  • Tea Box Express A monthly tea party in a box, sounds like pure heaven
  • True Serenity Tea A beautiful selection of handcrafted tea blends delivered to you
  • *Introverts Retreat a box dedicated to those of us who love spending time cuddled up at home with a good book, relaxing candles, and snacks. 
  • *Coach Crate Monthly coaching to help you be your best self
  • *Lady Boss Box Curated just for female entrepreneurs who are ready to launch their businesses
  • *Muse Illuminate Personal and Business Self-Help. Get you s#*t together with this box
  • Atlas Coffee Club Coffee from around the world delivered straight to your door
  • Misto Box Get matched with a coffee curator who specializes in the coffee you love
  • *Vegancuts Monthly Beauty Box The name says it all. Luxurious beauty products tat are vegan and cruelty free.
  • *Together Unplugged This box is a bit different from others in my list because it focuses on unplugging with your family. Activities that you can do together without phones or wi-fi.

Comfy and Cozy

Perfect for those times when she’s had a rough day and just wants to relax. Create a quiet space meant just for her to retreat into her shell for a time. A space where she can just be, without expectations and without judgment. A place where she can go to re-emerge as her strong, beautiful, authentic self. Sometimes its wrapped in a blanket on the couch or cozy in her bed. Sometimes it’s turning her bathroom into an at-home spa. Or turn her entire bedroom into an oasis.

Amazon Gift Lists to check out

Of course the place where most of the world goes to shop will have gift lists for anyone on your list. Go ahead and peruse these lists. You can purchase from the lists or use them to spark ideas of your own.


Meeting new people and making new friends. Being part of a group with the same interests as you is such a wonderful feeling. Give the gift of community and friendship with a membership. As with the subscription boxes, these make excellent last minute gifts.

  • The Elevated Plant Plate A membership for those who want to learn to serve beautiful plant-based meals at home; get on the waitlist to be notified as soon as the membership opens for new members
  • *Amazon Prime - You can try it FREE for 30-days
  • *Amazon Home Services- Includes services like house cleaning, TV Wall Mounting, Handyman, House Painting, Equipment and Furniture assembly
  • *Amazon Music Unlimited Listen to 10s of millions of songs anytime, anywhere
  • *Audible Plus All-You-Can-Listen membership, if you like Audible, you will LOVE Audible Plus
  • Skillshare Learn as much as you want for one low monthly price

Now I’d love to hear from you. What other gift ideas are great for the ambitious goal-getting women in your life? Let me know in the comments below.

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