Healthy Meal Planning Bundle
Healthy Meal Planning Bundle
Healthy Meal Planning Bundle
Healthy Meal Planning Bundle
Healthy Meal Planning Bundle
Healthy Meal Planning Bundle
Healthy Meal Planning Bundle

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle

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1,072 recipes across 12 categories + 200 dessert and beverage recipes, 30+ ready-to-use meal plans with shopping lists and prep notes, 5 e-courses, 5 ebooks, and 4 printable packs & workbooks

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Recipes (12 categories with 1,072 recipes worth $360)

    • Baked Goods (87 recipes)
  • Breakfast (124 recipes)
  • Dinner: Celebrations & Holiday Meals (54 recipes)
  • Dinner: Everyday (93 recipes)
  • Dinner: Freezer Meals (65 recipes)
  • Dinner: One-Dish Wonders (72 recipes)
  • Dinner: Quick & Easy (85 recipes)
  • Dinner: Slow Cooker / Instant Pot (96 recipes)
  • Light Meals (76 recipes)
  • Salads & Sides (122 recipes)
  • Snacks (97 recipes)
  • Soups (101 recipes)

    OPTIONAL: Beverage & Dessert Recipes (2 categories with 202 recipes worth $60)

  • Beverages (75 recipes)
  • Desserts (127 recipes)

    Meal Plans (30+ meal plans worth $380)

    All meal plans include dinners + sides unless otherwise specified.


  • Breakfast:
        • 2-week gluten free rotation
        • 2-week paleo (grain/dairy free) rotation
  • Breastfeeding Momma
  • Budget
  • Busy Moms
  • Comfort Favorites
  • Company's Coming Long Weekend
  • Cooking School
  • Everyday Real Food
  • Freezer Meals
  • Gluten Free
  • Instant Pot
  • Ketogenic
  • Kid Friendly
  • Kid's Lunchbox
  • One Pot
  • Paleo
  • Party Meal Plans x10
  • Seasonal Meal Plans:
        • Winter Meals
        • Spring Meals
        • Summer Meals
        • Fall Meals
  • Short on Time
  • Slow Cooker
  • Stay-at-Home / Work-from-Home Lunches
  • Theme Nights
  • Top 8 Allergen Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Whole30 (2 weeks, all meals)
  • Healthy Eating (5 products worth $258.99)

    • 21 Days of Eating Empowerment by Jenny Eden Berk ($14.00)  
      Embody your Body, Enliven your Senses, Empower your Eating - in 21 days!
    • Clean Eating Made Easy by Corinne Kantor ($15.00)
      Learn how to improve your eating habits by making better food choices that are both healthy and safe – from detoxing your body naturally to smart farmers markets shopping tips to making your own healthy cooking spray.
    • Flavor Crash Course by Courtney Polivka ($200.00)
      The Flavor Crash Course is designed to teach the home chef to organically craft dishes based on flavor profiles instead of relying on recipes.
    • Kids Cook Real Food: Knife Skills & Safety Lessons by Katie Kimball ($20.00)
      Online access to 5 videos + PDF lesson plans and printable memory tools that will help you teach your kids knife skills and safety at every age.
    • Why Won't My Child Eat: Simple Steps to Bring Joy and Nourishment Back to Feeding Kids with Allergies, Pickiness, Oral SPD and More by Mary Voogt ($9.99)
      In Why Won't My Child Eat Mary shares her strategies to bring joy and nourishment back to feeding any child, including picky eaters, kids with allergies, those with oral SPD and just about any eating challenge you can think of.

    Meal Planning (8 products worth $119.46)

      • Complete Family Meal Planner Set by Laura Rizer ($2.99)
        The Complete Family Meal Planning Set is a comprehensive organizer with tools for meal planning, grocery shopping and more.
      • Dinner for a Dollar: How I Feed My Family a Simple, Allergy-Friendly, Whole-Food Diet for One Dollar per Person per Meal by Shelly Longenecker ($9.99)
        Shelly shows readers how she feeds her family a simple, allergy-friendly whole food diet with lots of fruits and veggies for $1 per person per meal.
      • Freezer Meal Blueprint: The Framework to Make Ahead Meals Without Wasting Your Weekends by Elisa Giorgio ($19.00)
        The Freezer Meal Blueprint is a step-by-step framework to stocking your freezer with make ahead meals your family loves, without wasting an entire weekend to prep them.
  • How to Host a Stress-Free Holiday Meal by Tara Ziegmont ($5.99)
    • Magnetic Menu Board Ultimate Meal Planning System by Megan Duesterhaus ($19.00)
      Featuring color-coded recipe magnets with coordinating recipe binder printables, The Magnetic Menu Board Ultimate Meal Planning System allows you to save time and money by helping you efficiently plan, shop for and prepare a month's worth of meals.
    • Meal Planning for Beginners by Brendie Heter ($28.50)
      Join Brendie Heter live for encouragement and inspiration for meal planning and how to use the bundle to its full potential!
    • Meal Planning Made Simple by Merissa Alink ($4.99)
      Learn to create a meal plan that ACTUALLY works for your family.
    • Printable Meal Planner from Carrie Elle by Carrie Lindsey ($5.00)
      Get dinner under control with the printable Carrie Elle Meal Planner - you're going to love having everything you need for stress-free dinners in one handy location!
    • Simple Healthy Meal Planner by Tracy Lynn  ($24.00)
      A step by step guide that will help you to plan out healthy meals without the stress so you can stick to a plan and learn to love meal time again!